Costa Rica

Costa Rica occupies an interoceanic and intercontinental land bridge separating North and South America and developed as the Caribbean tectonic plate overrode the Cocos plate that was pushing in from the Pacific coast. With subsequent underwater volcanism in the past 2 million years, basaltic lava, dolerite, gabbro and limestone emerged as the landmass natural bridge between North and South America. Sharing both Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, impressive topography, and variable climatic conditions, Costa Rica boasts of a rich flora and fauna biodiversity with 5 of its 60 volcanoes still active.

Isla Chora

2024-01-27T17:16:27+00:00August 24th, 2020|Location: Central America, Costa Rica|

Isla Chora sand is primarily biogenic with a scattering of variably sized light greenish-gray porphyritic basalt stippled with vesicles that have been filled with microscopic quartz and other mineral crystals...

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