This sand features smooth larger sand grains along with smaller rough-edged grains.

Kuşadası Aydin Turkey Sand Grains Magnified Under Microscope SliderKuşadası Aydin Turkey Sand Grains Magnified Under Microscope Slider Magnified

In the low and higher magnification views there is a mixture small are larger clear quartz and yellowish feldspar grains, occasional dark volcanic grains. A tan and brown curved marine fragment in the low center of these views is probably a piece of mollusk shell.

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Kusadasi is a beach resort town situated along a gulf on the Aegeqn coast. In the 4th century BCE, Kusadasi came under the control of the Greek city-state of Ephesus and prospered during that time as it became an important center of learning, art and culture. Today Kuşadası is a premier holiday destination, a popular cruise ship port, and known for its turquoise sparkling water of the Aegean Sea.

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Primarily volcanic sand grains consisting of translucent quartz with black inclusions, yellowish feldspar grains along with some black volcanic grains. A mollusk shell fragment with reddish brown stripes is present at the right center of this image.

The majority of sand grains represent a mixture of quartz, feldspar and dark volcanic grains. Two larger smoothed edged tan and brown fragments in the center are mollusk shell fragments.

This is primarily a mixture of geological sand grains including clear quartz of off-white feldspar. A small striped mollusk shell is present just to the left of center.

The majority of smaller sand grains are clear quartz and cloudy off-white feldspar. Mottled black, gray and tan larger volcanic igneous sand grains are present in the center. A large off-white and black piece of shell fragment with subtle linear striping is present at the lower right of center. Elsewhere white (left edge of center) and a white fragment with tan stripes (upper center) mollusk fragments are present.

  1. Translucent mollusk shell fragment with linear stripes.
  2. Large chunk of white mollusk shell.
  3. Mollusk shell fragment with tan linear stripes.
  4. Fragment of igneous rock fragment.
  5. Fragment of igneous rock.
  6. Large mollusk shell fragment with linear striping.