Sand Overview

Samples from different parts of the same beach have larger and smaller fragments representing the same spectrum of marine sand grains.

Geographic Overview

  • Kondoi Beach Taketomi Island Okinawa Japan Sand Geography 1
  • Kondoi Beach Taketomi Island Okinawa Japan Sand Geography 2
  • Kondoi Beach Taketomi Island Okinawa Japan Sand Geography 3

Kondoi beach is on the western side of Taketomi Island, Taketomi is a raised coral atoll, and is known for white soft sand and shallow, crystal-clear emerald green water. It is one of the longest beaches in Okinawa with almost no waves and shallow water.

Kondoi Beach Map 2
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Large and small white and off-white smooth coral fragments along with tan forams have been worn down over time by wave action.

A small conical snail shell with parallel brown stripes is just below the lower left of a centrally located large white smooth coral fragment. A worn fragment of a tan star-shaped foram is to the left of that central coral fragment with other worn tan forams also present in this view.

A mixture of larger and smaller white and tan fragments of coral and shell are present in this low magnification view along with small bits of red foraminifer and red shell fragments.

Higher magnification of sample above.

Smoothly worn coral fragments are present in this high magnification view. A white and light pink small conical mollusk shell is present in the center to the left of an elongated vertical piece of coral and a small red mollusk shell is at the middle right of center. An unknown large orange linear coral fragment is present at the left of this image.