Casa del Mar Sand

Casa del Mar sand is a mixture of tan, black and off white sand grains representing a mixed biogenic and geological origin.

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5141 Casa Del Mar Puerto Rico Sand Under Microscope Slider5535 Casa Del Mar Puerto Rico Sand Under Microscope Slider Magnified

Low and high magnification views show a wide spectrum of shapes and colors of biogenic and geological sand grains. A rounded greenish-yellow striped foraminifera test is present in the center resting on top of a two-sided clear sponge spicule. Tan and off-white as well a pink bits of smooth edged biogenic grains are present along with occasional transparent rough-edge quartz grains.

This low magnification view shows a spectrum of white, off-white, tan and reddish tan sand grains reflecting a biodiversity of marine life. Occasional bits of black and mottled gray and black grains are of volcanic origin along with some clear angular quartz sand grains.

Smooth rod shaped bits of coralline algae along with jagged edged clear quartz sand grains are prominent in this sample. A round dark mottled volcanic sand grain is in the upper left just above an off-green colored fragment of sea urchin spine and a tan triangular shard of mollusk shell.

A round off-white segmented foraminifera species is at the top center of the image next to an adjacent back volcanic grain to its upper left and a sea urchin spine fragment with linear grooves to its lower right. Jagged clear sand grains are quartz and the spectrum of smooth light and dark tan bits reflect a variety of coral sand grains.

Higher magnification of figure 3 (above).

An elongated translucent finely scalloped-edged marine sponge sclerite is present in the center just above a black volcanic sand grain.  Other grains include rod-shaped pieces of calcareous algae and rough-edged clear quartz sand grains.